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The Syscon ClassicBin

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Improving the tried and tested...

There is probably no other refuse bin worldwide which has been utilised by municipalities and companies as much as the well-tried DIN litter bin. Its form, function, operability and robustness have guaranteed this millionfold success.

Syscon has now defined the successor of this classic bin, using new production techniques and high quality materials like high density polyethylene: maintaining the well tried, but optimising handling characteristics and quality - the Syscon ClassicBin.



On request with figure in black or white
standard colours
Standardfarbe: grünStandardfarbe: orange
tidy man on request


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Our prices are marketdriven and calculated with current raw material costs and currency exchange rates. We are competitive in every segment, whether 2-wheel or 4-wheel MGBs. Even if our products do not come from the Eurozone, we will of course invoice in EURO, free delivered domicile and duty paid.

Do you have any requirement for packaging-, glass-, organic, paper- or residual disposal containers? Then you should absolutely request us. Of course without any obligation and free of charge.

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