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Syscon 2-wheel polyethylene MGB

Syscon MGB pro - Syscon mobile garbage bins with profiled edges for heavy duty exposure.

The requirements on mobile garbage bins in the waste management industry have significantly increased in recent years. Throughout the world a wide range of lifting and tipping systems on rear and side loading vehicles are being used. In combination with an increased degree of waste separation high mechanical forces act on the bins.

Syscon Umweltsysteme GmbH has addressed this development with its MGB pro product line, featuring mobile garbage bins with profiled edges:

  • optimum mechanical stability for all four edges of the bin, which absorb the forces impacting on the four sides
  • optimized for use with rear and side loading vehicles
  • economic efficiency for waste management firms
  • optimized handling of the MGB pro as a result of attention to detail


mgb pro3
Syscon MGB pro: robust and strong - showing profile on all sides.
mgb pro5
The stable design of the four edges of the MGB pro guarantees high resistance to compression and impact load on all sides.
mgb pro6
The all-round splash proofing ridge prevents the intrusion of rainwater.
mgb pro4
All bins of the new MGB pro product line can be equipped with wheels of 200mm or 250mm diameter.


mgb pro7
Smooth and rounded inner surfaces avoid the accumulation of dirt.
mgb pro12
Stable, leak-proof and easy to grip: the MGB pro lid.
Deckel neu 1webNew lid design: The multifunctional lid combines all advantages of previous lids.
Deckel neu 2webThe proven bow handle lid in modern design.


mgb pro11
Firm standing: strong ridges and stays on the underside of the bin guarantee that the MGB pro stands firmly and securely.
mgb pro8
Well thought-out. MGB pro featuring 2 centre bores for different size wheels.
mgb pro13


Syscon MGB Standard

schuettungQuality from 60l to 360l

Syscon mobile garbage bins are manufactured using the latest production techniques and meeting the most stringent quality requirements in line with European standard EN 840. High quality recyclable polyethylene, processed through high pressure injection moulding, guarantees long life expectancy, resistance against chemicals, frost, heat and UV radiation. All metal parts like axles, screws, locks etc. are corrosion-resistant and manufactured from high quality galvanised steel.

All bin components are reusable. Systematic checks of the raw materials, manufacturing processes and end products ensure consistent quality at the highest level.



Customised solutions
· inserts for glass, paper, cans, PET bottles
· food waste bins
· bio bins
· foot pedal for lid opening
· lock systems

Standard colours

special colours


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Our prices are marketdriven and calculated with current raw material costs and currency exchange rates. We are competitive in every segment, whether 2-wheel or 4-wheel MGBs. Even if our products do not come from the Eurozone, we will of course invoice in EURO, free delivered domicile and duty paid.

Do you have any requirement for packaging-, glass-, organic, paper- or residual disposal containers? Then you should absolutely request us. Of course without any obligation and free of charge.

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